CNC Precision Routing

Heralding The High-Tech End Of Manufacturing Is CNC Precision Routing

Manufacturing is an art and science on its own. Having to create such magnificent and artistic implements from various materials with a high degree of precision and accuracy combines both ideas of these fields. It is why there has been a gradual shift in tools and equipment used in the manufacturing industry so that this expectation can be met. CNC precision routers are one of the high-end tools heralding this era of artistic, scientific production processes. Used for all forms of manufacturing, all types of materials and to achieve a wide range of hitherto manufacturing complexities, this sophisticated but simple-to-handle machine is setting new standards for scientists and artists alike.

What is CNC Precision Routing?

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) precision routing is a process of cutting highly consistent, reliable and precise shapes from wood, metal and other forms of solid materials through the use of its specialized router. A CNC router is a modern technology computer controlled cutting machine that runs a series of custom software programs to cut, slice or carves highly precise and consistent items from any given solid material such as wood, aluminum, composites, plastics, foam, steel, etc. It is much like the handheld router, but instead of routing by hand, the CNC router is automated and creates tool paths via computer numerical control. It operated by often pre-programmed and highly specialized software from a personal computer that allows you precisely determine features like speed, coordination, location, feed rate, etc. to produce complex shapes that would be almost impossible to produce manually and accurately. Due to its versatile uses, it is fast knocking into extinction the other manual tools used for manufacturing.

Major Applications/Uses of CNC Precision Routing

A CNC router can be used for the following:


This is the most popular use of the CNC router. Traditionally, woodworking has been considered an art learned by highly trained and specialized artisans. But with the advent of the CNC router, most have seen the awesome possibilities it affords them from small toys and game pieces to more sophisticated designs and letterings. This is where science meets arts in CNC Precision Routing is the only attribute you need is your imagination. Lock in the coordinates and the machine does the rest.


Carving out signs on different platforms can be very complex. Having to factor in variables like depth, surface, and angle required can all be tricky when done with handheld routers. But with the CNC router enabled with simultaneous 3-axis motion, you can perfectly carve out motifs on just about anything you can think of. Want some more detail and finesse? 3D profiling is also enabled on this high-end tech.

Cabinet Components

The versatility of the CNC router to work on different materials has made the production of cabinet components super easy and fast. Either with wood, steel or plastic, milling your cabinet parts from doors to shelves to boxes and angles is all done with super precision. Because these parts are often needed in large numbers, the key features of the CNC router to produce the same design in millionfold without necessarily stopping and with little or no supervision makes it the perfect machinery for large scale production. With a CNC router, you can't just go wrong.

Other unique functions of using a CNC precision routing include 3D pen & ink drawing, wood & face busts, drag steel engraving, football production, and music equipment production. Truly, CNC precision routing is arts meets science in manufacturing. Invest in it now.


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