CNC Routing Service

What You Need To Understand About CNC Routing Service

CNC routing service is as much of an art as it is an engineering science. True beauty can take shape from almost any material. The difference that creates beauty is the skill and knowledge of the people involved in the CNC routing service.

The basics of machine and men

Machines do the work but men create the designs. Men are intimately involved in controlling the equipment that makes the finished product.


Almost any material can be machined with CNC routing equipment. Metals, precious metals, woods of all kinds, and composites are just a few examples. The choice of cutting blade and speeds are the keys that preserve the natural beauty of the material while carving it into a thing of utility and beauty.


The latest CNC routing machines are some of the most sophisticated machines made. Heads are designed that utilize multiple tools so that tool changes are minimized. This advantage speeds up the work and provides cost savings to the manufacturer and to the client.

Cutting tools

These are the parts that do the real work. The material that cutting tools are made from determines the material that the tool can be used for. Fine quality cutting tools should last and continue to produce error free parts. The tooling is expensive. Special designs often require designing a special tool.


Engineers design the parts to be machined. The design work is normally done with the input of the client or their design staff. The finished product may be the result of some give and take based on the reality of what a CNC routing service is capable of achieving.

Design can be as artistic as the client desires. True works of art are possible in a single material or multiple materials. Prototypes may be necessary for some designs.

Engineering seeks to completely satisfy the client’s design desires as well as minimize the client’s manufacturing costs. The idea is that both companies benefit in terms of profit.


Programmers convert engineering drawings into computer language that CNC routers can interpret. One thing that many people find unusual about this work is that it is actually backward from the normal graph scale that drawings are made from.

The code that programmers develop is transferred to tapes or discs that the CNC machines can read.

The machinists

CNC routing is a specialized skill that requires several years of schooling and more years of experience to master. No machine is absolutely perfect. The careful trained eye of a person can save thousands of dollars in defective parts.

What to look for in CNC routing service


A company that has several years of experience and a reputation that backs up their work is a good bet for service and professionalism.


The latest equipment is best. A company that is continually improving their routing equipment shows that they are financially prudent. They put money back into their business to improve their productivity. The client benefits by getting parts made faster with low error rates.

A craft mind set

Routing is a craft and an art form. A company that has that mind set will take pride in the work they do for you.


CNC Routing Service
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