If you can imagine it then we can cut it.  As you can see from the other product pages, we can cut almost anything from sheet material such as plywood, MDF, OSB, particleboard, sheet plastic, and prelaminated materials.  Your imagination is the only limit.

If your file is larger than 16mb, please try using a file upload program like WeTransfer.com 

To send us your file over 16mb, follow instructions below:

Click on WeTransfer.com

  1. 1. Click on ‘Take me to Free”
  2. 2. Read the notice and if you accept, click on “I Agree”
  3. 3. Input our email within ‘Email to’ -> info@ftical.com
  4. 4. Input your email within ‘Your Email’ – you will get a receipt when we download your file.
  5. 5. Input your message within ‘Message’ textarea
  6. 6. Click on the blue button with a plus sign to add your file(s)
  7. 7. Click on ‘Transfer’ button to initiate transfer.
  8. 8. Once your file is done uploading, you’re done! Your transfer will be available for 7 days.


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